Thursday, June 23, 2011

zabbix agent 1.4 on debian lenny fails constantly

what a shame.

 14197:20110623:063623 zbx_on_exit() called.
 14197:20110623:063623 One child process died. Exiting ...
 14197:20110623:063623 zbx_on_exit() called.
 14197:20110623:063623 Cannot remove PID file [/var/run/zabbix-agent/] [No such file or directory]
zabbix_agentd [1986]: Warning: ZABBIX semaphores already exist, trying to recreate.
  1986:20110623:063623 zabbix_agentd started. ZABBIX 1.4.6.
  1986:20110623:063623 Listener failed with error: Cannot bind to port 10050 for server Error [Address already in use]. Another zabbix_agentd already running ?.
 14197:20110623:063625 ZABBIX Agent stopped

Great! Just Great.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

why to hate summer in Russia

Summer has just started, but cold water has been already cut off for maintenance.
 - So what? - one of my fellow-country man would ask. - They do it every summer and this is just a beginning.
 - Year, you are right. But why those dicks glued warning after they did it? Humidity is like in Japan.
 - Because it's Russia. Say you are lucky because it's only for tree days.
 - Right... One thing to love winter in Siberia for is that nobody digs anything.