Saturday, December 29, 2012

English humour on Slashdot

May be I’m too preconceived but it seems to me that commentators on foreign boards make me happy with witty posts more often then Russian anonymous.
This is a good example of pun that I like.

> Commenting to remove crap moderation! Pfff....Slashdot, why cant I change my mind!

>> Because it is a well known fact that forces recrut on /. to pilot drone. You can't change your mind after firing at something. Hence, it is part of the training.

>>> I thought it was because we Slashdotters are known to never make mistaks.

HaHa! That was nice!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Why Linux is better then Windows: whoami

From this post I'm going to start a new series of posts in my blog. My intention is to spot some of non-obvios similarities and differences in this two OS. From a Linux user perspective of course.

Recently I've noticed that starting from Windows 7 this OS got the 'whoami' command which was taken from UNIX/Linux after about 20 or 30 years.

Not to mention 'Run as' option in Windows XP which was obviosly taken from the UNIX/Linux sudo example. At least a decade or two later I think.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Zabbix: Timer process too busy (high CPU load)

The timer process recalculates every 30 seconds the following trigger functions:

nodata(), date(), dayofmonth(), dayofweek(), time(), now()

If you use Zabbix internal checks to monitor self-load and noticed that Timer process is 100% busy, it's good to know, how much triggers it processes.

pg cli # SELECT function, count(*) FROM functions GROUP BY function;
 function  | count  
 count     |   8621
 prev      |    936
 max       |    560
 abschange |      1
 iregexp   |     97
 str       |  17961
 change    | 121942
 last      | 159969
 diff      |     33
 nodata    |  36800
 avg       |  17937
 min       |   2273
(12 rows)

pg cli # SELECT function, parameter, count(*) FROM functions where function IN ('nodata', 'date', 'dayofmonth', 'dayofweek', 'time', 'now') GROUP BY function, parameter;
 function | parameter | count 
 nodata   | 1200      |    32
 nodata   | 300       | 27457
 nodata   | 600       |   836
 nodata   | 7200      |   132
 nodata   | 60        |  8247
 nodata   | 3600      |    96
(6 rows)