Thursday, June 23, 2011

zabbix agent 1.4 on debian lenny fails constantly

what a shame.

 14197:20110623:063623 zbx_on_exit() called.
 14197:20110623:063623 One child process died. Exiting ...
 14197:20110623:063623 zbx_on_exit() called.
 14197:20110623:063623 Cannot remove PID file [/var/run/zabbix-agent/] [No such file or directory]
zabbix_agentd [1986]: Warning: ZABBIX semaphores already exist, trying to recreate.
  1986:20110623:063623 zabbix_agentd started. ZABBIX 1.4.6.
  1986:20110623:063623 Listener failed with error: Cannot bind to port 10050 for server Error [Address already in use]. Another zabbix_agentd already running ?.
 14197:20110623:063625 ZABBIX Agent stopped

Great! Just Great.