Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Corel Draw x4 on Wine success

I've succeeded in running Corel Draw X4 on Enterprise Linux (Centos 6, Scientific 6 etc 32 bit), what is impossible according to Here is how I did it.

First, it is possible thanks to the new release of Wine (1.6 rc4 in my case). I simply build it in /opt from source.
Secondly, I used this portable version of Corel Draw X4.
md5: d3046b4858e6489449d573da4fa3da01

It requires to be placed in the directory you have permissions to write. It also requires mfc80u.dll which you can obtain by winetricks or any other way.

Just in case here are the links to my wine build and ~/.wine directory with all the dlls needed.



And here is also a link to Photoshop CS4 which also runs nicely under Wine. Just add some dll via winetricks.

md5sum: a6730255906aa6bc905627063b420aaa